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  • What does 1 John 3:18 Look like?
    Check out what love in action looks like by reading some of our Love Stories.
    Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. 1 John 3:18

  • What Makes Love INC Unique
    Agencies, charities and government can provide a safety net to help those in need, but it can't Love and bring transformation like the Love of Christ can do. Check out these Case Studies to see what the church, united and mobilized can do.

  • How does the joy of giving bless the giver?
    Check out these testimonials from church volunteers around the country.

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To mobilize local churches to transform lives and communities in the Name of Christ.

LOVE INC NATIONALwhy we are different

why different-110wx85hExisting resources operating independently are not adequate to meet current and growing levels of need.  In addition, one church alone cannot deal with all the complex issues of poverty.  It takes churches working together, across denominational lines, to meet these multifaceted needs.  Furthermore, Love INC can do what the others can't.  Agencies, charities and government can provide a safety net to help those in need, but it can't Love and bring transformation like Love In the Name of Christ can.

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Who We ServePeople in need are provided with supportive relationships and resources for help.  Today Love INC has over 137 affiliates in 30 states, representing a network of more than 8,500 churches, 9,000 community agencies, and nearly 100,000 volunteers that meet more than 1,500,000 needs for 700,000 people each year.   Go to our Affiliate Directory to see if there is an affiliate in your community.

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LOVE INC NATIONALwhat love inc is

What Love INC IsFounded in 1977, Love In the Name of Christ is a proven outreach model that helps Christian churches come together to help people in need.  It is one of the most effective management, mobilization, and networking tools available to churches today.  To learn more about what Love INC is Click here


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LOVE INC NATIONALLove In the Name of Christ

Start an AffiliateA Love INC affiliate is a partnership of local churches working together, across denominational lines, to serve people in need in their community.  Each affiliate is an individually incorporated 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with its own board of directors, executive director, staff and church volunteers.  While each Love INC affiliate is unique with its own mix of programs and services to meet the needs of its community, all affiliates share the same mission and core values.  A minimum of six churches from six different denominations is required to start a Love INC affiliate, although most affiliates grow to include many more.

If you want to learn about starting a Love INC affiliate in your community fill out our Contact Form and ask for our free Information Pack.

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Southtown Star - February 2013

Southtown Star - February 2013

Helping those in need in Tinley Park is the objective of a joint effort among eight churches in the village that are working with an international nonprofit organization. Started in 1977 in Michigan, Love In the Name of Christ, or Love INC, has established affiliates around the country and overseas that offer temporary shelter for the homeless, food, help with planning a household budget and other services. Love INC of Tinley Park has been operating since September, but a formal kickoff was held Thursday, with church representatives hoping the agency can make an impact in the lives of those less fortunate. People requesting assistance through Love INC of Tinley Park must either live in the village or attend one of the participating churches.


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  • Transformed Life

    Watch Jessica describe how her life has been transformed with the assistance of Love In the Name of Christ.

    Transformed Life
  • Redemptive Compassion by Lois Tupyi

    Lois Tupyi, Executive Director of Love INC of the Treasure Valley and National Trainer has just released a new study guide.

    Redemptive Compassion by Lois Tupyi

    Love INC is coming to Kenya. There are four new affiliates in development in Nairobi. The formation of Love INC Kenya began in 2008.

    Love INC-Heartland spotlight
  • Love INC-Heartland spotlight

    Interesting fact from Terri Harris, Executive Director of Love INC in Delano, MN - "8% of the people in our service area received service from us last year.

    Kenya Spotlight