As we stated in our email update, there are a variety of unknowns related to COVID-19 that are impacting short- and long-term planning decisions. After much consideration and prayer, we’ve sadly made the decision to postpone this fall’s Love INC National Gathering to the spring of 2021. This was a difficult decision for us to make, and I’m sure it is also difficult to hear. We always look forward to the Love INC family coming together to worship, learn, and grow. In the interest of your safety, however, we’re going to have to wait a little longer. We believe postponing will help avoid potential barriers that would limit the Gathering being all that it can be. Barriers such as:

  • The possibility of a second-wave of COVID-19 infections and restrictions in the fall.
  • The difficulty of maintaining social distance at the venue and the impact that would have on the Gathering.
  • Increased individual caution about health risk and travel that may inhibit some who want to attend from participating.
  • Current financial uncertainty may make stewardship decisions for the fall more difficult.

Ultimately, our desire to be present together has to be set aside for our care for you and your health. So we will exercise patience in this season of waiting and want to encourage you not to worry, because when we are able to gather together once again—we know it will be our best Gathering yet.