A Love Story from Love INC of Greater Merced, CA

Pete has had sole custody of his 12 year-old daughter, Amelia, since she was two. After a series of devastating personal losses, Pete turned to alcohol, lost his job, and temporarily lost Amelia to foster care when he entered rehab.

After rehab, Pete turned to his local Love INC network of churches for help.

Raised Catholic, Pete hadn’t been to church in years. But when asked, “What are you doing to help Amelia learn about the Lord and be with kids her own age?” Pete latched on to the idea of going back to church and, with the help of a Love INC volunteer, chose a nearby church to attend. Recently, Pete went on a job interview and is hopeful he will be working again soon.

“As [the Love INC network of churches] continues to reach out and keep [Pete and Amelia] in our prayers, it is a blessing to see their transformational journey beginning to unfold,” said Annette Macias, Executive Director.