Special Stories of God's Love in Action

Affiliate Spotlight

From Love INC Heartland…

If we take the population of the 11 towns we serve and divide the amount of unduplicated individuals served, we discover that 8 percent of the people in our service area received service from our Love INC affiliate last year.

Love INC Heartland began developing in the spring of 2002.  After God brought people and Christians churches together, we were able to open our Clearinghouse in the fall of 2005.

We have built relationships within the community and God has grown the ministry at a brisk pace.  As we serve our neighbors in need we are consistently blessed by God’s provision.

When we needed to expand, we stepped out in faith to remodel a building that had been empty for years.  During the grand opening our volunteer board member said, “If you don’t believe in miracles, you are standing in one.  We started with a budget of zero and we came in under budget.”

God blessed us with a beautiful place filled with all new fixtures and furniture. Absolutely everything was brought to us free – everything from the electricians to the beautiful oak doors. People in the community heard about what we were doing and volunteered their services and donated the items we needed before we even asked.

God continues to bless and our ministry has grown.  Last fall we launched budget classes that have several components. The families we serve participate in class and visit with advisors, as well as receive groceries, take enrichment classes, receive meals for their children, and tutoring help for their high school students.

One young man will receive drivers’ instruction as an incentive for his attendance. Many of our families in need are unable to pay for drivers’ education.  Many of the families in our class have been overwhelmed by this service and the opportunity it provides to them for their futures.

Our volunteers feel equally blessed to have the opportunity to serve in this Love INC program!