A small group of men and women carried the vision for what would, in 2003, become Love INC of Greater O’Brien County. They prayed and worked hard to set the table for churches in their community to participate in life transformation.

One of those vision carriers, Mark Brown, is now a volunteer Faith & Finances facilitator in the Greater O’Brien transformational ministry program as well as a Faith & Finances lead trainer for Love INC communities across the country. He is recognized for heart, passion, and ability.

Despite his experience, Mark questions each week if he is, “wise enough to facilitate discussions on financial stewardship, particularly to men and women from diverse backgrounds with complicated histories”.

Restored and inspired by each class, Mark shares, “Every person has unique and valuable experiences that shape how they view the world. I feel privileged to play a small role in helping ask tough questions and growing in community as we explore financial wellness from a Christian perspective – together.”