Christians Need Love INC

I don’t do the bulk of the work around here. Probably 75% of our members are involved in some form of hands-on ministry. Their life is transformed. They experience God in their own lives in a more powerful way than they ever have.

- Pastor Richard Heusinkveld

Christians Have Needs!

• To live out the two Great Commandments – love God and love neighbors
• To have specific, manageable opportunities to use their gifts and talents
• To develop their faith and put it into action
• To have opportunities to share and to serve
• To know their service to people in need will actually change lives
• To experience a sense of belonging to the Body of Christ

When I first volunteered for Love INC seven years ago, I did not know what I was getting into.  I knew that God wanted His children to serve others in His name.  I believed my heart had always been open to giving others a “hand up” in life.  Over the years, the ministry of helping others while sharing God’s love through Love INC has developed for me into coordinating volunteers from the area Christian churches to helping local neighbors in need find that “hand up” Christian they need.  One person we’ve helped told me that when her life becomes more stable, she’s going to help someone else and share God’s love and caring one person at a time.  Love INC truly transforms lives through prayer and practical assistance!


Church Volunteer, Montana

Through the “vehicle” of Love In the Name of Christ ministry, Christians can connect with neighbors in their community and manifest the love of Christ by giving and serving.

Love INC has helped church members think outside themselves and understand that there are people in need all around them – maybe even right next to them.

Love INC helps our church remain outwardly focused.


Pastor, Minnesota

Love INC gives churches a vehicle to minister to people in need in meaningful ways as it calls church members to offer themselves, their resources and talents, in service to others.  Church members have found themselves doing things that they might never have done before, and it has resulted in spiritual growth.


Pastor, Indiana