Church partnerships are not only important to our mission—they’re essential. Because at the end of the day, our mission is to mobilize local churches.

In Millersburg, Ohio, the pastor of one of our church partners was about to drive past his local Love INC when the thought, “If you’re going to do it, then just do it” came into his mind. He had been considering becoming a financial mentor for a while, so he pulled into the driveway and walked inside. It turned out that someone had just asked for a budget coach. Someone whom he could never have known would become a dear friend. Here’s their story:

Alex was in a deep pit of sorrow after losing his wife. His church walked with him the best they could, but eventually his pastor referred him to Love INC for additional support. Because Alex’s financial situation changed after his wife passed, we suggested he sit down with a budget coach who might be able to brainstorm ideas with him. He didn’t think that would be helpful at that time, yet he continued to call Love INC. Finally, about 2 years later, Alex called and said he thought he was ready to meet with someone. It just so happened that this is when Mark, a local pastor who was about to drive past Love INC, walked inside to become a financial mentor. It seemed to be a perfect match, as Mark just happened to also have the experience of losing his wife and having no family nearby. The two began to meet, and each time the phone volunteers called to check in, it seemed like Alex’s voice carried more and more hope.


On New Years Day, Alex and Pastor Mark decided to get together since neither of them had family around. When Pastor Mark went to leave for the meeting, however, he realized that his car had broken down. He called Alex to let him know that he’d have to cancel, and Alex quickly offered to help. They spent their day finding parts and grabbing dinner—while chatting the whole time. Then Alex got under the hood of the car to fix the broken parts. Peeking around the hood, he smiled, and said, “I guess I am worth something after all!”

When the body of Christ comes together, transformation happens. Parts of the body who doubt their worth become aware of their priceless value, and we benefit from each other’s contribution. Everyone has something to offer.