Churches Need Love INC

For more than 40 years, Love INC has been mobilizing local churches to transform lives and communities In the Name of Christ. In the U.S., Love INC affiliates network thousands of partner churches, community agencies, and church volunteers to work together to serve neighbors in need.

What needs? Why another “helping organization?” Love In the Name of Christ is uniquely designed to mobilize your church and engage your community. Because Love INC focuses on real needs that transform us all.

Churches Have Needs!

• To move beyond offering financial help
• To verify that requests are legitimate
• To serve without creating dependency
• To be unburdened of trying to respond to every type of need by any one church
• To discover root causes of chronic problems and dysfunction, and respond to them
• To proactively connect with neighbors in need
• To develop Christian relationships with neighbors
• To become aware of unmet needs so the church can offer help, healing and Christ’s love
• To transform lives and the community

Existing resources operating independently are inadequate to meet current and growing levels of need. One church alone cannot deal with all the complex issues of real people who are  struggling with all types of hurt, brokenness, dysfunction or poverty. It takes churches, working together, across denominational lines, to meet these multi-faceted needs.


Love INC affiliates serve local churches in their community by:

  • Providing church leadership with tools to involve their congregants more deeply in serving others
  • Identifying new ministry opportunities for churches
  • Helping churches start new ministries by providing support, coordination, and training
  • Educating church leaders and congregations on the real needs of their neighbors
  • Helping churches go deeper into helping neighbors by working to establish Transformational Ministries
  • Providing church members with opportunities to use their unique gifts and talents to serve others
  • Bringing the voice and perspective of the local Christian churches to community government, agencies and charities to ensure the churches are an integral part in addressing and solving community-wide issues of people in need

Churches love Love INC’s ministry.  It offers a vehicle to engage with the community and it provides a way for church members to express their faith by connecting with and serving their neighbors.

Working with Love INC is an enriching experience for our church members.  As they have volunteered through Love INC, they have become sensitized to neighbors who have needs.  Love INC has provided church members with opportunities to get to know Christians from other churches in the community.


Pastor, Florida