Transform Communities

Local Love INCs actively identify unmet needs in their community and then help churches build ministries to respond to those needs.

Transformed to Transform

A Love INC affiliate connects people in need with resources that can help. It identifies unmet needs in the community and helps churches build ministries to respond – to fill the gaps in services that the church(es) feel called to address.

Each Love INC affiliate also serves the local community’s agencies and charities by accepting referrals from them of people who need assistance. Agencies and other organizations play an important role, but they cannot work outside of their mandates and protocols. Many everyday helps are things that agencies cannot provide, but church members can.

Love INC National humbly serves, learns from, and provides leadership to affiliates that:

Love INC affiliates minister in a wide variety of places:

29 states

Rural towns and small cities


Segments of metro areas


Love INC has experience:

Love INC’s oldest affiliates are over 30 years old.

Love INC affiliates coordinate churches and inspire church volunteers.

The Love INC Movement stands together; no affiliate operates in a vacuum.

Each Love INC affiliate
works with:

A variety of denominations

Local Christian churches and other local ministries

Christian volunteers

Community service organizations and Area agencies