True to its founding purpose, Love INC serves as an effective way for Christians to become engaged with people in need.  Some affiliates demonstrate the ability to take that connection to deeper levels.

Affiliates can develop their ministry to address community-wide, systemic issues that contribute to a lack of resources and hopelessness.  Some of these issues include a lack of affordable housing, health care, transportation and employment opportunities.

As an affiliate’s capacity grows, the local churches have an opportunity to become catalyst for new solutions in their communities – to develop more enduring relationships with clients and become more comprehensive and proactive in addressing their real, fundamental needs.

In Community Transformational Ministry, a Love INC affiliate, on behalf of their partner churches, actively engages local governments and becomes an advocate for developing community-wide solutions that incorporate developmental compassion and preserve the dignity of people being served in a Christ-like and God-honoring way.

Solutions in this ministry mode seek to serve the boarder community or groups within the community while addressing underlying systems (or lack of systems) that can keep individuals and families stuck in need.

An example of a Community Transformational Ministry would be a medical clinic for low-income individuals/families. Such a ministry serves the larger community and requires engagement and coordination with many community organizations and resources.