Affiliate Connections

Church - Affiliate - National

Connections at the Local Level

The Local Christian Church

At the grassroots level, a Love INC ministry is a ministry of local Christian churches.  Each church, as a real partner of the local affiliate’s ministry, has responsibilities:


  • Refers neighbors in need to the Love INC Clearinghouse
  • Responds to people in need referred to it from the Clearinghouse
  • Provides volunteers from the congregation to give and serve
  • Prays for their Love INC ministry
  • Participates in the Love INC model (mission, core values)
  • Promotes Love INC to inspire giving and serving
  • Supports financially this ministry of outreach

The Local Church Partnership

Together, Christian churches in a community partner together to form an affiliate and make it an active, functioning ministry.   

These churches demonstrate a common purpose of serving neighbors in need.  In all respects, their participation in the affiliate is one of each church’s outreach ministries.

As a Love INC partner church, each church’s individual characteristics and way of living the faith is preserved while the joy its members receive from “putting wheels on their faith” energizes the entire congregation.  Additionally, involvement in Love INC often spurs on members to create even more outreach ministries.


Connections at the National Level

The Local Affiliate  

Analogous to the partner churches’ role in an affiliate, each affiliate, likewise, holds an important role in the Love INC national ministry.  Each affiliate, as part of the Love INC Movement:

  • Shares blessings, ideas and ministry developments with Love INC National
  • Receives training and guidance from Love INC National
  • Offers volunteer expertise/service (if desired, on occasion)
  • Prays for Love INC National and the other affiliates
  • Follows the Love INC model and mission; strives for best practices
  • Promotes the larger vision and connectedness of Love INC ministry
  • Financially supports the national Love INC ministry

The Love INC Movement

At the local level, many churches make up a Love INC affiliate.  At the national level, many Love INC affiliates comprise the Love INC Movement.  These affiliates, located in states across the country, make the Love INC Movement operational (an active, functioning ministry) to the glory of God.

What each affiliate does impacts the other affiliates.  We desire to do our best through our connectedness to strengthen, enhance and build each other up in the faith, in Love INC best practices, and in pursuing the Love INC mission of mobilizing local churches to transform lives and communities in the Name of Christ.