1. Attendees may only sit with those whom they’ve traveled with. Social distancing should be practiced with all others.
  2. Attendees will have the option of staying in a hotel or staying at a host home, but a hotel is recommended if attendees are feeling nervous about social distancing and precautionary measures.
  3. Attendees will have to honor any/all restrictions in place at Love INC of Treasure Valley at the time of training in regards to COVID-19. i.e. Masks may be required.
  4. Right up to the time they hit the road or board the plane, if attendees are presenting any symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in close contact of anyone who has COVID-19, they should not attend.
Please note: Love INC National, along with host, Love of Treasure Valley, will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation as this training nears. Therefore, do not purchase plane tickets until confirmation communication on September 30. At this time, registration payment will not be required.