Every year, Love INC National hosts dozens of trainings designed to help local Love INC leaders develop new skills, hone their strategies, foster collaboration, and increase their capacity for transformational community care. In addition to meeting important basic material needs, a primary focus of this type of care is partnering people in need with skills training, mentoring, goal setting, and spiritual, emotional, and social support.

One of these trainings is the Faith and Finances® course. This 12-week curriculum is a great addition to Transformation Ministry programs and is designed to help local Love INCs work specifically with low-income adults. Yet, how does this class help participants change their financial future? Here’s a story of a recent class participant whose experience not only changed her perspective on money, but more importantly—her view of herself.

“Before class my priorities were very misaligned and were not all biblical. I was consumed with a negative way of looking at money, like it owned me, since I didn’t understand financial management. I was always a victim, a self-fulfilling prophecy. I was stuck in a rut and thought it was too late to change. The methods I learned in class for effectively managing money were insightful. It was also helpful to set aside a specific time each week to work on it in a class that was supportive and made me feel like I could do something positive and different. I could finally see that money really is a tool from God—to be used in order to restore all things to Him, to live in gratitude, and to be a cheerful giver. The book, teacher, engagement with others, and support of church all worked well together and made a big difference for me.”