At age 36, Dustin Johnson found himself in prison.   

An emptiness in Dustin’s heart led him to drugs, violence, adrenaline, and a life of crime. His friends were “drug addicts, drug dealers, and gangbangers.”  

“From an early age, I had a hole in my heart and soul that, through time, I began to realize could only be filled by God. Nothing, absolutely nothing I tried would fulfill me,” shared Dustin. “My attempts were secular and self-involved, missing two very important elements: Christ and fellowship.”  

While incarcerated, Dustin became a Christian, “There I met Him, there Christ embraced me and accepted me for exactly who I was at that moment with all my struggles.”  

Once released, Dustin met Nicole, his future wife, who had taken a similar path in life. They began dating and attending life skill classes with Love INC of the Black Hills (South Dakota) partner churches.  

Dustin and Nicole met many people in the classes who made a positive impact on their lives. They shared meals together with their new friends and learned about important life skills such as financial management, conflict resolution, forgiveness, setting boundaries, and time management. 

Dustin said, “We had the opportunity to work with Pastor Warren during one of our classes, just an awesome guy, and we just learned so much. It’s always been awesome to be able to go into those walls and know that we can actually be ourselves. We can heal, we can grow, we can learn. It’s been a blessing. 

“Because of Love INC and the life skills classes, I have learned how to love myself, how to love Christ, how to love my wife, how to be responsible financially, how to let my past go, and how to move forward.” 

“My name is Dustin Johnson. I am a husband, I am a father, I am a child of God, I am forgiven, and I am transformed.”