Late on Wednesday, one of the Call Center volunteers at the Love INC of Benton County, Oregon, spoke to a mom named Gina who had just gotten out of an abusive relationship and moved to a new town with her four year old son to start over. As the volunteer learned more about their needs, it came up that they did not have enough food to make it through that day, and they only had one cooking pan. Through their partner church ministries, Love INC was able to get two emergency food boxes, as well as a couple bags of hygiene items and frozen meat from the Love INC FARM Program.

The next day, they offered a children’s storybook bible for her son, and a bible for Gina. She said that they would love them and told the Love INC team “what you guys are doing here is really amazing”. They got to pray with her and talk to her son about how he was starting school. As they left, the Love INC of Benton County volunteers saw her son carrying the bible and smiling wide. Later, Gina called them and said “thank you” again for the products. Her son had very sensitive skin and the Hygiene Ministry had the same products she used to buy for him. She said, “I know they are expensive… it’s all just awesome and amazing.” 

Because of church volunteers giving their time, this woman was met with genuine concern and love. She received prayer and a few items to get back on her feet, which opened a door to relationship. It’s our honor to bring churches together to serve in this way.