Heart of Montana
Giving Love INC a presence in a new community is no small feat and can often take time. Yet when people catch the vision and passionately pursue the calling to bring the Love INC movement to their neighborhood, the Church is further mobilized to transform lives In the Name of Christ.

Heart of Montana Love INC was an affiliate in the making for five years before they hired an executive director. Although they had a slow start, many faithful individuals carried the vision of Love INC forward, fighting and sacrificing to see it come to fruition in Central Montana.

In 2018, Danielle Barth came on as Executive Director and just helped her affiliate celebrate their one year anniversary. Looking back at what drew her to Love INC, she reflected,

“I think the biggest thing for me is the partnership with churches. I get to be in relationship with many different churches and congregations and pastors and see the combined efforts of those churches to reach hurting people and help bring about transformation.


Just to see where we’re at today, one year in, is kind of staggering. When it’s operating in the best way, Love INC helps bring people who are in need right to the church, towards Jesus, and towards transformation. The number of churches who have come onboard with our local Love INC and caught the vision for what we’re doing is a huge part of the success we’ve seen in Montana. We’re seeing our churches do what the Church is called to do. Yet a local affiliate is just one piece of the Love INC Movement. When I think about the Love INC Movement across the country, across the globe,” Danielle shares, “I think of lots of different communities being mobilized together to not just meet needs, but to love and walk alongside people. All of us are called as Christians to live out the Great Commission, but many of us don’t know how to practically do that. Through Love INC, we’re offering a practical way for Christians in our communities to live out their faith and the Great Commission, and to love people In the Name of Christ.”

We’re so grateful for new affiliates like Heart of Montana Love INC who so passionately pursue God’s heart for unity within the body of Christ and are digging deep to build a foundation for transformation in their communities.