A Love Story from Love INC of South Wood County in Wisconsin

Arnie and his wife are faithful followers of Christ. Arnie contacted Love INC because he needed dependable help with snow removal. With the gracious network of Love INC churches, our local Love INC has been able to provide not only snow removal but also spring yard clean-up, rain gutter cleaning, and continued help with mowing and trimming of his yard.

Ruth, a volunteer from a church partner of Love INC of South Wood County shared, “We were at Arnie’s house to clean the rain gutters. While my husband was doing all the dirty work, I was on the ground handing him tools and chatting with Arnie.

“Arnie was so thankful for the help. He shared about his health struggles and then talked about his wife having a stroke in the fall and how it has affected her health.”

Arnie shared with Ruth about his wife’s fondness for cats. They talked about his past employment at a local paper mill and realized Ruth’s husband and father-in-law had worked with Arnie while he was employed there. While they were conversing, they heard a truck having trouble starting across the street. Arnie hobbled over and tried to help the two gentlemen with their truck, but because of his health issues and the hot, humid weather, Arnie was unable to help for long.

Ruth continued, “As he sat back down, he had me open his garage for the gentlemen and told them where to find all the tools they needed to help get their truck running again. As we helped him, he helped someone else in a way that he was able! The time my husband and I spent at Arnie’s house certainly blessed us as much as it blessed Arnie and his wife.”

In Arnie’s story, like so many others we see, the Lord not only provided the much-needed help for Arnie and his wife through Love INC churches, but also blessed others in the process.