The Love INC Movement


The Love INC National organization executes the essential functions of leadership: ensuring missional integrity, promoting best practices, training, developing new affiliates and ministries, and establishing accountability.  The National organization exists solely to serve, equip, enable, establish and enhance affiliate ministries.


Local affiliates are the essence of Love INC.  An affiliate, in its most basic form, is a partnership of local Christian churches working in a coordinated way to address and respond to the needs of their neighbors.  This collaboration is practical, productive, transformative, and, significantly, it manifests Christ’s love in the affiliate’s community.  Every affiliate has a formal agreement with Love INC National to operate as an affiliate.

Local Churches

Christian churches across at least six denominations network together to form a Love INC affiliate.  Some affiliates have fewer than 20 church partners, some have more than 200. Together, the Christians in these churches model Christ’s love and answer God’s call to serve.  Every affiliate depends on church volunteers to do the ministry.  In fact, without church involvement, an affiliate would cease to exist.

Love In the Name of Christ is a nationwide movement carried out by more than 135 affiliates, networking nearly 9,000 Christian churches, to serve their neighbors in need.  Mobilizing almost 300,000 Christian volunteers and working with nearly 6,000 community-based organizations, hundreds of thousands of people in need find help and hope through Love INC.

Love INC National board and staff execute their functions using a virtual (online) “office,” using cutting-edge tools to leverage resources and model wise stewardship.

Assisting National leadership staff, trainers and consultants include exceptional Executive Directors of model affiliates who volunteer to share their expertise to build up other affiliates’ ministries.  Love INC National selects, trains and certifies these trainers, and manages trainings and consultations.

Love INC National is governed by a national board of directors.  Each affiliate is governed by its own local board of directors that provides vision, direction, governance, and policies for the local ministry, while working to ensure its financial stability, accountability and ministry effectiveness.

Love INC National helps affiliates transform love into action by carrying out a ministry that is organized, collaborative, responsive and effective.

Love INC National is blessed to have strong leadership, committed staff, and a vision for the future. God has created Love INC for such a time as this – to respond to our neighbors in need with practical and life-changing help.

Love INC National seeks to increase its number of affiliates and expand geographically so that church networks are active in every area of the country where needs today go unmet.

God’s love is immeasurable, powerful and unfailing.  By sharing that love with others, the Love INC Movement can fulfill its calling to mobilize churches and transform lives and communities in the Name of Christ.

Love INC Is God's Gift

Christians have an amazing gift to share – a love that is transforming and powerful.  Today when people’s lives are filled with struggles, confusion, uncertainty, and even despair, as the corporate body of believers, working together through their churches, love in the name of Christ can truly change our world.