National Movement, Local Impact

There are 115 Love INC locations in 29 states that partner with 7,812 Christian Churches to serve hundreds of thousands of people in need.

Love INC National

The Love INC National organization exists solely to encourage, equip, and elevate local Love INC ministries. We do this by ensuring missional integrity, promoting best practices, offering training, and establishing accountability.

Additionally, we seek to increase the number of Love INC locations across the country so that church partnerships are active in every area of the country where needs go unmet.

Local Love INCs

A local Love INC is a partnership of local Christian churches working in a coordinated way to address and respond to the needs of their neighbors – In the Name of Christ. This collaboration is facilitated by the local Love INC office in practical, productive, and transformative ways.

Every Love INC ministry has a formal agreement with Love INC National to operate. And, is governed by its own local board of directors.

Partner Churches

Christian churches across at least six denominations partner together to form a Love INC affiliate. Some Love INC locations have fewer than 20 church partners, some have more than 200. Together, the Christians in these churches model Christ’s love and answer God’s call to serve.

Every Love INC depends on church volunteers to do the ministry. In fact, without church involvement, a local Love INC would cease to exist.

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