It was a flat tire on the side of the road that started Valerie’s journey back to God. The cancer survivor and mother of two, was trying to re-establish her life in the midst of a breakup and mounds of medical debt. Then she lost her job. “If God was real, how could He allow this all to happen?” she thought. 

Later that day, Valerie went to the library to work on her resume, but instead she found a miracle. A book entitled, It’s Only a Flat Tire in the Rain caught her eye. When she saw the book was Christian, she was reluctant to read it, but something told her to anyway. 

On her way home and in desperate need of food, Valerie went to Love INC of NW Allegan County (MI). “I was there for one reason. It was just for food…I was not there to talk about…God. But Martha at Love INC prayed, and she gave me this little voucher and said that I can go in the food pantry” the following morning. Not wanting Valerie to leave empty handed, Martha gave Valerie a few items to hold her over. 

When she went home, Valerie found the trailer she’d been staying in no longer had power. The next morning, she returned to the partner church staffed food pantry and told Martha about her new problem. “I was there on a daily basis to use the bathroom and Martha let me fill water jugs.” 

Valerie experienced something she hadn’t felt in a long time. Hope. Martha began mentoring her and she also began attending budgeting classes at a local partner church. “My life changed around and I couldn’t even believe that there were people out there who wanted to help me.” 

Around this time, Valerie was invited to church by a new co-worker. At church, Valerie found “family”. 

Valerie shared, “I had nowhere else to go. And I truly believe that if I didn’t have Love INC praying over me every day like that, that it wouldn’t have brought me…to where I’m at.” The hope and compassion Valerie found at Love INC of NW Allegan County gave her the courage to open her heart to God again. God uses little things to get us back on track. In Valerie’s case, He used a flat tire, a place to fill water jugs, and a church invitation. Her life will never be the same.