Every day, developing Love INCs across the country are working hard to develop partnerships and relationships that will grow to serve those in need within their communities. Here’s the story of how the Love INC of Wayne County, Ohio came to be:

“With no real knowledge of the Love INC movement, four separate book studies of “When Helping Hurts” exposed more than 40 leaders in Wayne County, Ohio to the foundational principles of Love INC. Yet, it was only during a separate conversation with Vicki Conn, Director of our neighboring Love INC of Greater Holmes County, that the lights began to come on, and we realized that God had been preparing us to embark on this journey and join this national movement.

It was truly a God-inspired moment! As doors have continued to open for us, Love INC National has been ever so valuable in guiding our way with step-by-step coaching, in-person participation in our public event, and board training. Now, as we work through the final steps of opening our Clearinghouse, we are grateful for this budding relationship and for the mentoring from both National, as well as Vicki Conn and her team.”
—Ron Amstutz, President of the Board, Love INC of Wayne County, Ohio

These are the opportunities and relationship you make possible. Thank you for investing in communities across the United States. We are so grateful to be in this together.