Our New Logo

The Meaning Behind the Mark

Over the past 20 years the heart and cross has been iconic for Love INC, so rather than move to an entirely different icon, we wanted to honor our history while also advancing our messaging by imbuing more information about what we do into our mark.

As we were working to distill down exactly how Love INC benefits the community, we came upon two kernels of truth:

We are connectors.

We connect churches to one another and their community. We connect community members to resources and support. We bring people together, and in those intersections, they experience divine encounters with God.

Secondly, while our mission is about transformation, we are not the ones who do the transformation work.

Rather, we create the scaffolding upon which transformation and growth is possible.

We create spaces where church volunteers and community members’ lives intersect and reciprocal transformation can occur. Then, the body of Christ rises up to do what it does best—care for one another and point people to God. 

In our new logo, you see the scaffolding concept incorporated through the lattice design of our updated heart and cross.

In the supporting graphics that are a part our new look, you’ll see the scaffolding concept elaborated on in elements such as patterns that represent the divine intersection of disparate lives and elongated lines that visualize ongoing journeys.

Clean and versatile, this mark, like our ministry, is about connection and transformation.