John has enjoyed the transformative process of furniture rehab most of his life. To take a piece that’s ragged or worn down and to get it to its best potential gives him great joy. That’s why he’s still on staff at Love INC of Brevard in Florida after six years.

A pastor since 1969, John has lead churches for over 44 years. When that season came to a close, however, he wasn’t sure what his next step would be. At the same time, Dan Walker, former Executive Director of Love INC of Brevard, was struggling to find solid management for the small thrift store they’d been given to use as a fundraiser. When the board suggested they shut the store down, Dan managed the store himself while continuing to search for a manager.

“Dan was overwhelmed and I had free time,” John said. “I would stop into the store to just talk. Finally, I told him, ‘I’ll come in three days a week and manage the store while you hide in the back office and do your work. If I have a problem, you’re right there and I can ask you.’”

After six weeks, John felt a nudge from the Lord and offered to take over the store. At first Dan was reluctant to accept, however, after prayerful consideration, he felt the Lord guiding him in the same direction. And God blessed it. Every year their resale store has grown. Last year, John handed the store off, but he’s still there, serving as the Ministry Chaplain and Director of Facilities, bringing restoration to tattered furniture and countless lives. “It’s what I love.”

We’re so grateful for staff like John who give so much of themselves in support of our mission to help churches help people. If you’re leaning into a local Love INC, know that this organization is what it is because of generous, caring people like you.