Love INC mobilizes churches to transform lives and communities In the Name of Christ. Today, we’re active in 134 communities in 29 states. Love INC National supports the development and growth of each location to show and share the love of Christ and make an impact on their community. We are a part of many Love (INC) Stories…stories like Jenna & Ray* and the affirmation they received through the resources and ministries at our location in Benton County, Oregon.

Tyan Hayes, Executive Director of Love INC of Benton County in Oregon, knows the impact of Love INC National support and training. She received new executive director training, and her staff have been equipped to lead churches in weekly programming to help families in need.

Specific courses included: Leadership Education And Development (LEAD),  Affirming Potential, and Faith and Finances. The benefits are now impacting those they serve, both church partners and clients, including Jenna and Ray*.

Ten months ago, Jenna and Ray, called…pleading for any help they could get.

The volunteer they spoke with identified several church ministries that could satisfy many of their needs. A few months later, Jenna and Ray called again with the same needs, in the same desperate situation. They were again referred to church ministries, as well as several community resources that could help with some of their other requests. The couple was grateful, but it was clear more could be done to help. The third time Jenna and Ray called with the same needs, Love INC of Benton County knew that they could soon provide a better answer.

In 2020, Love INC of Benton County will begin offering a weekly class and mentoring program in which Jenna and Ray can participate.

How? Because Love INC of Benton County was equipped by training and support from Love INC National. As you will read in subsequent communication the impact of such coordinated church outreach is transforming.

This is where your investment makes a difference: by supporting Love INC National, 134 locations are equipped with training and support to benefit both church partners and clients. The impact of your gift to Love INC National reaches affiliates, churches and individuals all across the United States and Kenya!

Thank you if you have already donated, if not please consider investing.

*names have been changed

In Christ,

Kirk Vander Molen | National Executive Director