When Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coastline in August of 2017, local residents were pushed inland for safety. Some of those evacuees found their way to Nacogdoches County, Texas where the local Love INC, agencies, businesses, and churches worked together to care for the needs of their new “residents”.

Love INC of Nacogdoches County served as the Clearinghouse for the community to link evacuees with appropriate agency resources including: temporary housing, food relief, clothing, and utilities.

One of those agencies was the Greater East Texas Community Action Program (GETCAP) who helped evacuees transfer utilities and set up new services in the community. GETCAP Program Director, Teresa Land, stated Love INC’s partnership with agency, “provides a holistic approach to any crisis a family may have.” 

In partnership with local agencies, the Love INC church network of Nacogdoches cared for 33 evacuee families, 16 of which are now permanent residents in the area.

The work for this local Love INC affiliate isn’t finished, yet. Previous experience with Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Ike taught them recovery from a natural disaster can take more than a year. Until then, they will continue to mobilize local agencies, businesses, and churches to help evacuees in need.