What Our Affiliates Do: Our Mission

Love In the Name of Christ’s mission is to mobilize local churches to transform lives and communities in the Name of Christ.

Mobilize Local Churches

Mobilize–to assemble or marshal into readiness for active service; to organize or adapt for service; to marshal, bring together, prepare for action, especially of a vigorous nature; to increase or bring to a full stage of development.


Transform Lives

Transform – to change something completely and in a good way; to change in composition or structure; to change in character or condition


In the Name of Christ

Christian – of or relating to Jesus Christ as Savior and following His teaching and commandments; being or living as followers of Christ; treating other people in a kind and generous way


Love INC builds up faith muscles by unleashing the wide variety of everyday skills, talents, wisdom and experience of all church members.  Every Christian has something to offer – there is no limit to the exciting ways God can use what people in the pews already have to offer.

When a person calls a Love INC affiliate for help, trained church volunteers answer the phone.  Caring Christians take time to listen to the person as one of God’s beloved image bearers.  The focus is upon the individual, not merely upon “fixing” a presenting need.  With the gift of time and caring, the response can be holistic and transformative.

We believe that people are transformed “from the inside out.”   Love INC seeks to meet real needs as well as minister to the soul.  Respect for each person served, involvement of churches, humility, prayerfulness, and striving for excellence are in our DNA.  Our #1 Core Value is be true to who we claim to be: Christian.

Love In the Name of Christ has identified ten key measurements (assessment indicators) to ensure that the integrity of the mission, vision, core values, and identity of Love INC are maintained within each affiliate and throughout the Love INC Movement.

History is replete with examples of organizations and ministries that strayed from their original intent and purpose. Having a clearly defined set of non-negotiable characteristics and a way to measure adherence to those principles is a powerful mechanism for keeping an organization true to its original purpose.  Read more about why Love INC is different.