Special Pastor Offer . . .

Pastors are important. That’s why we secured grant funding to provide a free registration* to help affiliates bring one pastor from their community to the 2018 Gathering.

This special promotion is available to the first 50 affiliates who register their executive director and a pastor, using the discount code: PASTOR.      

Benefits to inviting a pastor to the Gathering . . .

  • Gives the Executive Director dedicated time to connect with the pastor outside the hustle-and-bustle of community life.
  • Allows the pastor to be “immersed” in all things Love INC: focus on mission, training, and inspiration by being with other Love INC pastors, staff, and volunteers from across the country.
  • Pastors will be offered a peer group networking/learning opportunity during a Pastor’s Track for Thursday’s Role Day. Pastors will share outreach strategies, provide wisdom and input (that only a pastor can) on the mission and role of Love INC, and receive valuable resources to help them live out their role as pastor.  

So what do you say? Want to take us up on the free registration?

The pastor can be someone already strongly engaged with your Love INC, but we encourage this offer be made to a pastor with whom you want to bring to that level.   

*Travel and lodging not included.