Pastors Need Love INC

Love INC has helped to transform our church from being ingrown to being a church of outreach.  Love INC bridges the gap between our church and the many people in need who will not call the church for help but will receive help from us when it is offered.  Without Love INC, we would be less effective in ministry.


Pastor, Oregon

Pastors Have Needs!

  • To have a reliable, trustworthy Christian resource to which people in need can be referred
  • To be assured that benevolence is not a duplication, nor creating dependency
  • To have a way to save time and money while multiplying the church’s ministry impact and effectiveness
  • To have a solid tool to equip the congregation for works of service
  • To move the congregation outside its walls

We are a small church with limited resources.  However, our investment in our Love INC affiliate seems to multiply like loaves and fishes.  Because of Love INC, we are part of something much bigger that is making a huge difference in our community.  It’s a place where all the churches come together and serve as one.


Pastor, Minnesota

A Pastor’s Dilemma…

You’re just about to lock the front door of the church after worship services when a car rolls slowly into the parking lot.  A young couple sits in the front seat with three young children.

The man gets out of the car and approaches you.  He begins to tell you about their situation.  He says he’s been out of a job for almost a year and his family was recently evicted from their home.  He wants to know if your church can help.

They need employment, a place to live, food, clothing for the kids, and some money for medical prescriptions.  As he dives into a deeper explanation of their circumstances, your mind begins to race with questions:


  • Is their need legitimate?   The look like they need help, but how can I be sure their story is true?
  • How can our church meet all of their needs with our limited funds and resources?
  • How can our church follow Christ’s example of loving our neighbor and truly demonstrate that love?
  • What will help in the long-term, and not just serve as a Band-Aid?
  • How can our church do it all?

Love INC has helped us develop significant ministries for people in need in our area.  Years ago, our response to people in need was sporadic and ill-aimed. I am afraid that we were often victims of people who “played the system.”  Now as needs arise, we rely on our Love INC affiliate to act as our Clearinghouse.  We feel confident that we are helping people with real needs in ways that truly benefit them.


Pastor, Michigan