A Love Story from Love INC of Greater Hillsboro, OR

Jenny, a widow of four years, had trouble dreaming of a life that did not include her husband. That’s when a friend from church invited her to attend the Transformational Ministry program through Love INC of Greater Hillsboro, OR. Though she was a quiet participant, she engaged with the homework and her discussion group and took the content seriously.

Having now graduated, Jenny credits the Affirming Potential class for helping her understand that, with God, she is able to achieve dreams she previously thought impossible and overwhelming. Feeling empowered, she has since then successfully cleaned out her shed, built healthy food and exercise habits, and began working on paying off a list of bills.

Now that she has the right tools, Jenny can plan out her steps and goals and is confident in her ability to live out whatever God calls her to do. She is looking forward to taking additional classes and volunteering in the future.