A Love Story from Love INC of the Black Hills, SD

If your community is like most communities, it needs transformation. There are hurting people – people who have real needs – like Dustin and Nicole whose story is shared below. There are also churches who could meet those needs.

What would it look like to build a bridge, connecting those people in need with the local churches who can help? It would look like a local Love INC. Local Love INCs mobilize the churches in your community to transform the lives of people like Dustin and Nicole and, therefore, transform your community.

Click the image below to hear Dustin and Nicole’s story.

Dustin and Nicole are two of thousands whose lives have been transformed because of churches mobilized in their communities by their local Love INCs. Their experience through Love INC of the Black Hills in South Dakota is significant, but not unlike the experiences of those all over the country.

“Because of Love INC and the life skills classes, I have learned how to love myself, how to love Christ, how to love my wife, how to be responsible financially, how to let my past go, and how to move forward.

“My name is Dustin Johnson. I am a husband, I am a father, I am a child of God, I am forgiven, and I am transformed.”