Love INC National, in partnership with Love INC of Treasure Valley in Idaho, is excited to bring you a free, 2-hour Introduction to Redemptive Compassion course. The philosophy, insight, and encouragement of Redemptive Compassion has been promoted to and embraced by many Love INC affiliates as a core understanding connected to our mission. It is a foundational training tool for churches and individuals seeking to help people effectively.

This course, ideally completed in a week’s time, will explore reasons why common methods of assistance may not be best for those we are helping. It is interactive and designed to show us how to come alongside people, providing the tools to move out of a state of need rather than sustaining them in need.

Dip your toes in – take a moment to view the video below. Then dive into the course to begin your Redemptive Compassion journey.

*This free course is an introduction to the philosophy of Redemptive Compassion. If you would like to continue to explore the philosophy, the next piece is an 8-week inductive study which can be done individually or in a group. See the “How Do I Learn More” section at the end of the course for details.