“Encounter God, Love People, Share Life.” This is the mission of Church on the Rock in Melbourne, Florida. 

Like most churches, Church on the Rock strives to live on mission within their own congregation, in their community, and globally. To do this more fully, they chose to partner with their local Love INC. 

Pastor Tony Hauck acknowledges that, alone, Church on the Rock cannot bring the loving, serving culture of heaven to earth. He says, “God gives churches different gifts and abilities, and we see diverse expressions as well as strengths and weaknesses. Church on the Rock has a responsibility to impact our community, and it’s hard to do, but it’s easier together with partnering churches through Love INC.” 

Like most churches, Church on the Rock won’t orchestrate a new ministry unless someone is passionate enough about it to lead it, because it takes a lot of work to get a ministry off the ground. 

“An enormous benefit of Love INC to a church is the administrative support and training they provide. Churches are very busy. We want to do the work, but often don’t have the resources,” Pastor Tony says. “There are sometimes crippling learning curves. Love INC takes care of all this so the people can begin doing the hands-and-feet work, digging into relationships, and maximizing their impact.” 

Through their partnership with Love INC, Church on the Rock’s hands-and-feet work has included offering a budget mentoring program that goes beyond teaching how to handle finances to reminding people to trust in God and walk in faith. It is an opportunity for the people of God to remind our brothers and sisters, “This broken version of you is not the real you.” 

“What I love about Love INC is the focus on transformation,” shares Pastor Tony. “We’re not just feeding hungry people, we’re trying to help them toward transformation.”