Special Guests

Denny Howard, Full Strength Network

Denny Howard’s life’s work is rooted in providing proactive and restorative services for those who serve in influential vocations such as non-profit and ministry leaders. Creator/Owner of Livstyle Visual Personality Portraits and director of two non-profit organizations, Full Strength Network and Vitality Care, Denny resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana with his wife, Debbie. His workshops/seminars have taken him to Asia, Europe, Africa, and various parts of United States.

Jim Louwsma, ??

Jim Louwsma started his collegiate career at the University of Michigan and graduated from Wheaton College. After graduation, he served 13 years in the U.S. Navy, earned an MBA from the University of Utah, and began a sales and marketing career with Procter and Gamble, retiring in 2004 after 28 years. In retirement, Jim started a leadership consulting company with Mark McCloskey, taught Transformational Leadership in an MBA program with Mark, and was the founder and Board Chairman of Africaworks’, a non-profit organization in southern Africa that creates sustainable jobs for the economically disadvantaged.

Kathleen Trock-Molhoek, Pebbles and Stones

Kathleen Trock-Molhoek has a passion for children and adults to know God as their Father. She is the founder of Pebbles and Stones, an intergenerational ministry that brings the gospel to children and adults through biblical storytelling listening journaling, sharing and praying for one another. Her model has been implemented in over 50 countries. Each year for the past ten years an average of 1.1 million children have heard the gospel through her teaching model. Kathleen is the author of Hiding Places, I Heard You Whisper, Finding God in Ordinary Things, I Love to Pray and several curricula: Kids Love to Pray Too and God Speaks.

Daniel Walker, CaminoRoad

Dan Walker is an ordained minister and serves as missional strategist with CaminoRoad, a company that focuses on personal and organizational development in the areas of culture, leadership, and praxis. Dan is pursuing a Doctorate in Urban Ministry Leadership at North Park Theological Seminary.