Our neighbors who are struggling have real needs that few recognize.  They need to

  • See local Christian churches working together
  • Realize who God is and that Christ loves them
  • Know that Christ truly saves (in all ways) as the churches claim
  • Trust Christian churches
  • Find lasting help when unemployed, disheartened, lonely, and desperate
  • Be treated like a person, not a need or a case number
  • Learn who God created them to be
  • Know that God’s love gives solid hope
  • Receive real, holistic, practical help for real needs
  • Experience life-changing relationships with Christians
  • Be prayed for

Love In the Name of Christ is uniquely designed to meet the deepest, real needs of our neighbors.  Each Love INC affiliate responds to these needs, along with the material needs, of people who struggle with life’s challenges who live in their communities.

For people in need and Christians who want to help them, Love INC is an answer to prayer.  It is, at its most fundamental level, local churches and Christians coming together to serve neighbors and families with needs in their communities.

Love INC is about helping people who find it difficult to manage all alone.  It involves compassion, collaboration, generosity, and action.  It is Christians working together to transform lives through the amazing power of love: their love, God’s love, Love In the Name of Christ.

Love INC is there when people would fall through the cracks, when no one else seems to be able to help, when they are hungry, unemployed, disheartened, even desperate, and unsure of where to turn.

The neighbors Love INC affiliates serve include single parents, the unemployed, elderly, couples, children, and youth… anyone lacking a needed resource.  Often Love INC Affiliates serve the working poor, who have minimal incomes and are unable to afford some basic necessities of life.

For many who are hurting, Love INC is an answer to prayer!