All Love INC affiliates share certain fundamental characteristics.  They are all church-based, Christian, and committed to serving their communities.  Yet each affiliate is unique, offering a mix of services to best meet its community’s needs.

Love INC ministry is expressed in “modes.”  Every affiliate operates the Clearinghouse mode of ministry.

Beyond the Clearinghouse, an affiliate may build additional ministry modes – Gap Ministry, Transformational Ministry, Comprehensive Transformational Ministry, and Community Transformational Ministry.


Each ministry mode has defined parameters and characteristics, as well as standards of best practice.

The size, scope and particular “flavor” of ministry modes vary considerably from community to community.  Each affiliate offers ministry in one or more modes, but the particular expressions of these modes depend on the needs, resources, churches and volunteers of the community.

The Clearinghouse ministry mode involves the Love INC affiliate in receiving requests for help and discovering (and creating) the best ways for churches and Christians to personally respond.

The Additional Ministry Modes

Gap Ministries provide product and services on an ongoing basis to respond to an unmet need (a “gap”) in the community.

Transformational Ministry provides short-term classes and mentoring.

Comprehensive Transformational Ministry offers multiple classes and mentoring for many months, with incentives, accountability and rewards.

Community Transformational Ministry involves a Love INC affiliate in joining with others to respond to community-wide issues.

Each year, Love INC affiliates provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support to hundreds of thousands of children and adults throughout the U.S.  By manifesting God’s love in their communities, Love INC affiliates can fulfill their calling to mobilize local churches to transform lives and their communities in the Name of Christ.