Trainings & Sessions

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Thursday Role Day Breakouts

On Thursday, special role day breakouts have been designed specifically for Executive Directors, Board Members, Clearinghouse Coordinators, Transformational Ministry Representatives and Communications/Administration/Operations Personnel.

Executive Directors

Developing Your Staff’s Strengths | Led by: Jim Louwsma
An Executive Director’s responsibilities are endless. From everyday projects to overall performance, you’re the key to ensuring your organization meets its goals. Your most important job, though, is developing your people. Because when you go beyond being a boss and instead coach them to use their strengths, they help your team and the whole organization succeed. In this session, Executive Directors will learn how to apply the Strengthsfinder Assessment for personal and team development. The discussion will include a “strengths mapping” process to gain a deeper understanding of how the different strengths interact and more.

Transforming Communities: A Community Development Lens | Led by: Daniel Walker
Transforming communities requires addressing underlying systems, institutions, worldviews, and narratives. A community development lens can help Love INC affiliates identify and participate in efforts to bring about change. In this session, you’ll explore the key components of Christian community development in order to recognize and engage in community transforming initiatives.

Resale Store Members

Resale Store Round Table | Led by: Resale Store Members
The topics for this session will be generated a month prior to the Gathering by those who have signed up. Collaborative input on the identified topics will drive the conversation.

Board Members

Board Work | Led by: Jim Louwsma
In this sessions, we’ll discuss core principles that are foundational for effective non-profit, Biblically based Board leadership.

The Art of Effective Decision-Making | Led by: Will Kendall
Love INC Affiliate Board members are tasked with shepherding their organizations as they navigate unique contexts and complex, weighty decisions. In this interactive session, board members will consider how to make decisions that yield positive results for their affiliate and share their own experiences of making hard decisions on their respective boards. There will also be discussion of how boards can make decisions in a way that empowers and encourages their affiliate staff.

Clearinghouse Gap

Get “Rejuvenized” | Led by: Denny Howard
In the Gospels, there are 11 account of Jesus’ involvement in the practice of self-care. So what is our problem? In this session, we will explore the things we do and ways we think that block us from self-care. You’ll discover your obstacles and how to remove them so you can possess the vitality essential for lifelong service to others.

Transformational Ministry

Seeking Shalom: Fostering Peace and Wellbeing in Transformational Ministry | Led by: Daniel Walker
How do we journey with others to help them experience God’s full shalom—that is, His ongoing peace, wellbeing, health, and wholeness? This biblical framework for seeking the peace and welfare of our communities gives insight into both the hindrances and helps in building shalom. In this session, we’ll explore these dynamics and identify tangible ways to foster peace and wellbeing in our Transformational Ministries.

Be “Transformational” | Led by: Denny Howard
High capacity people who care are not immune to challenging relationships. We all have people who pose a challenge for us. In this session, you’ll discover how to navigate challenging relationships while increasing your capacity to “Be Transformational”.


Brand Strategy Basics | Led by: Catherine Vlieger
Why do organizations spend so much time thinking about, talking about, and documenting their brand? One answer—If you don’t define the brand (or true identity) of your organization—it’s likely that someone else will. And chances are, they won’t get it right because they don’t have the whole picture. It’s incorrect to think the brand is all about our logo, fonts, and how we use them. That’s only part of branding. In this session, we’ll talk about our brand and how enhancing your brand experience can help you better achieve your goals.

Technology Tools | Led by: Alesha Schut
There are numerous technology and software tools to help your affiliate function smoothly and efficiently. In this session, project management tools, client communication methods, and more will be discussed. Collaborative input will be gathered to further discussion and learning.

 Full Conference Tracks

Regardless of your role, you may choose to participate in one of the following Full Conference Tracks. These tracks will take place all day Thursday and Friday, so if you choose one of these tracks, you will not be placed in a Role Day Breakout, nor will you choose Friday sessions.

Pebbles and Stones

Led by: Kathleen Trock
Using an intergenerational approach, Pebbles and Stones brings the gospel to children and adults through biblical storytelling followed by listening to God’s voice, journaling, sharing, and praying. In this two day track, participants will grow in their relationship with God as they learn to hear His voice. They’ll also build relationships by listening to each other, talking about their journal page, and praying for one another. God’s love becomes profoundly tangible as participants seek God to hear how physical, emotional, and spiritual needs can be met.

Next Gen

Led by: Jennifer Lund
Representing and connecting with the body of Christ at every age and stage is essential to expanding the reach of the Love INC movement. Young adults have an important role to play and are critical to our mission. This two day track is designed for young adults (ages 18-25) to develop leadership skills, learn more about themselves and their gifts, and grow their passion to serve neighbors in need.

Friday Sessions

Plan out your Friday sessions based on need or interest. Sign-up everyone on your team for a different session or attend the same one. It’s your choice!

Developing Transformational Leadership - The 4R Model

Led by: Jim Louwsma
What is management vs. leadership? What is Transformational Leadership? How do you deploy Transformational Leadership? Dive deeply into the 4R model of Transformational Leadership in this workshop.

Maintaining Vitality While Serving Others

Led by: Denny Howard
Helping people can be exhausting in every way. In this workshop, we’ll identify the four types of stress we encounter—and how they are expressed. Join us to develop a personalized strategy on how to both gain and maintain vitality through the challenging seasons of work and home life.

Navigating The Social Media Stratosphere

Led by: Catherine Vlieger
Social Media is a complex, mysterious world. With ever-evolving rules and algorithms, it’s no wonder why managing it can be a full-time job. So how do you navigate it well without being online 24/7? In this workshop, we’ll begin with a high-level channel overview for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and YouTube. Together, we’ll explore each channel’s general audience and purpose, as well how you can utilize each channel to enhance your brand engagement and awareness. Next, we’ll explore systems that can help you listen well and save time by scheduling in advance. And finally, we’ll lean into content strategy planning, so you can leave with a 1-month and 6-month content plan for your social media channels.

Launching The Coolfocus Database

Led by: Kirk Vander Molen
Every affiliate needs a system to track volunteers, church relationships, local agencies, gap ministries, donors, and the care provided to neighbors in need. Yet, a lot of money and time has been spent over decades by individual affiliates to create and maintain something that works with varying levels of success. Love INC National saw a great opportunity to equip and serve affiliates well in this area, so we stepped into it. This workshop will feature a demonstration of our custom Love INC database, followed by a time of Q&A.

Becoming Whole: Reconciling the Racial and Ethnic Divide

Led by: Daniel Walker
It takes a valiant community to explore God’s desires and the role of the church in racial and ethnic diversity issues. In this workshop, we will seek to understand historical and theological perspectives, evaluate change readiness, and explore ways to join God in ministry of reconciliation, equity, and justice.

Cultivating Connections As Well As Contributions

Led by: Mandi Grasmeyer
There’s no denying that the spirit of giving is alive and well each December. So how do you best share your mission and vision during this time to cultivate connections, as well as contributions? In this workshop, we’ll explore the breadth of communication channels at your disposal, see what impactful multi-channel campaigns have in common, and spend time creating a high-level strategic plan for your Love INC’s year-end giving appeal.

Nurturing Church Relationships

Led by: Dana Parker
Church relationships are hard, yet they’re one of the sweet spots in the work of Love INC. Do you struggle with building real relationships with each of your church partners? What about the churches who don’t partner yet or the one who you feel like you dropped the ball on? If so, this workshop is for you. Together, we’ll explore and develop ways to effectively build solid, lifelong relationships with your Love INC affiliate and the churches in your area.

Exploring the Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences and Trauma

Led by: Jodi Cole Meyer
Childhood trauma affects millions of children. But the effects of childhood trauma do not end with childhood. Research shows that Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) such as domestic violence, poverty, deaths, bullying, racism, poverty, and other factors continue to affect people emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially throughout their lives. In this workshop, we’ll look at how understanding ACE scores can impact our relational ministries.

Discovering A Love that Changes + Challenges

Led by: Lois Tupyi
We are commanded to “love one another as God has loved us.” John 15:12. But do we truly understand how God loves us? If we do not understand God’s love, then how can we expect to understand how He wants us to love others? This session will explore “what if” statements about God’s love for us and then flesh each premise out with a “if this is true, then…” practical application. If you are trying to live out Redemptive Compassion®, you need to attend this session.