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Be Part of Love In the Name of Christ!

Spread the Word

One of the most important things you can do to make a difference is to help spread the word about Love INC’s unique ministry. The Love INC Movement is growing across America (and now in Kenya) primarily through word of mouth, as people share with others how the local churches, working together, are providing help and hope to those in need, in the name of Christ.


Love INC affiliates and the national organization covet your prayers.  Please pray that God will sustain this work and that everything we do will be done in the Name of Christ to bring honor and glory to God.   Ask your prayer group to pray for the ministry of Love In the Name of Christ.


Each year through Love INC, 100,000 Christians are provided with specific, manageable opportunities to serve people in need in their communities, using their unique gifts and talents. They are inspired by Christ’s love and motivated to share His love in practical ways with others.  To volunteer in your community, find the Love INC affiliate nearest you.


A gift to Love INC National has a multiplied impact.  Your financial support is needed.  Your gift will enable Love INC National to build new affiliates while providing training and services to existing affiliates that mobilize churches and manifest Christ’s love to people in need throughout the U.S.  Click here.

Build a Love INC Affiliate

No Love INC affiliate in your community?  The Love INC Movement has a proven, step by step process for helping a community start a new Love INC affiliate.  In addition we provide resources, guidance, a rich support website, training and personal advice for newly developing affiliates as they move through the process.  To begin, learn more by contacting us: request an Information Packet, and indicate that you are interested in starting a Love INC affiliate in your community.

Helping Churches Help People

Every community needs Love INC