Loving God, Loving Our Neighbors


Love INC provides the means for Christian churches to work together to express their love for God, each other and their neighbors in practical, coordinated ways, bringing hope to young and old.

Mobilizing Churches

When Christian churches across denominations come together in a unity of purpose – to serve their neighbors in need – the world takes note.  Love INC helps churches coordinate their efforts and complement one another in effective outreach.

Building Christlike Relationships


Lives are transformed through relationships.  The Love INC ministry connects willing Christian servants with neighbors in need.  In the process, we are all transformed, needs are met, and joy becomes our shared reality.


Multiplying Resources

Love INC’s ministry frees individual churches from trying to “be all” and “do all.”  Our paradigm ties strategic giving with relationship and the expectation of involvement by persons in need.  With this approach, resources are mobilized and help is on the way.

National Support

The Love In the Name of Christ National organization supports affiliates through training, consultation services, ongoing support and a rich array of online resources.  In addition, Love INC National guides communities throughout the building of new affiliates.

Love In the Name of Christ

Welcome to Love INC National

The Love In the Name of Christ (Love INC) national organization is dedicated to creating, equipping and enhancing the ministry of Love INC affiliates in communities across the country.

Love INC is a proven model whereby local affiliates network together local churches, church volunteers and community organizations to help people who lack resources.  Through Love INC affiliates, churches and individual Christians are mobilized to:

  • Work together across denominational lines
  • Provide coordinated help to neighbors who are in need
  • Give practical help – both tangible and intangible

As each individual church does what it can, even the most complex needs can be addressed collectively.

Love INC is one of the most effective networking, outreach and mobilization tools available to churches today.

Our vision is to see Christian churches

united in purpose and fully engaged in actively living out their faith by lovingly serving people in need in their communities.
Find an Affiliate

I manage the church office and receive dozens of calls from people needing help.  Most don’t know where to go or what resources are available.  When I refer someone to our Love INC affiliate, I know that they will be treated with dignity and respect, and that their situation will be handled with loving care.


Church Administrator

Love INC Activates Faith, Engenders Hope & Brings Practical Tools to Your Community

Training Affiliate Staff

Training for Inspired Staff

Transforming Lives

Christ’s Love for Our Neighbors

Equipping Leaders

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