How It Works

Our mission is to mobilize local churches to transform lives and communities In the Name of Christ.

More simply put—we help churches help people. Here’s how:

It Begins With A Call

When a neighbor has a need, they call Love INC. What’s the first thing they’ll hear? The voice of a caring, well equipped volunteer from one of our partner churches. A volunteer who will take the time to listen and care for the person calling with compassion and discernment; who will inquire about the presenting need, but also explore the broader context of the person’s situation.

Why? Because everything we do revolves around relationships. Love INC isn’t about transactions and checking off boxes. We want transformation for our neighbors, in our churches, and in our communities.

Then We Make Connections

In every community, neighbors with needs are surrounded by Christians with skills and resources, who are called to help. Love INC helps churches provide holistic care for their neighbors by coordinating specific, manageable opportunities that mobilize the resources, gifts, and relationships of their congregations. Providing things like furniture, food pantries, and life skills classes, Love INC helps churches work across denominational lines to meet the tangible and intangible needs of their community.

But don‘t get us wrong, this isn‘t a one-way street. It‘s a process that requires mutual participation because our goal isn‘t about meeting needs as much as it‘s about meeting a person where they‘re at and helping them achieve their God-given potential.

When We Move Beyond Simply Meeting Needs, Transformation Is Possible

Our Ministry Model:

Love INC Model 1
When care is not coordinated, needs can be overlooked or duplicated, and people are not served in a holistic manner.
Love INC Model 2
Love INC fosters collaboration and organizes holistic care to help churches serve their neighbors through resources and relationships.

The Love INC ministry model is relational, because we believe Christ-like relationships are transformative.

When Love INC flourishes in a community, healthy relationships grow, Christian love thrives, and struggling neighbors receive support, friendship, and the kind of practical help they need. Love In the Name of Christ’s Relational Ministry model can be expressed in four interconnected ways or “modes.” We call these modes:

Love INC Benefits

The collective support of Love INC can transform communities and lives

Young boy in school

Collaborating across communities

A local Love INC is a partnership of local Christian churches working in a coordinated way to address and respond to the needs of their neighbors—In the Name of Christ. This collaboration is facilitated by the local Love INC office in practical, productive, and transformative ways. Local Love INCs work in partnership with the national organization, but are governed by their own local board of directors. Christian churches across at least six denominations partner together to form a Love INC affiliate. Some Love INC locations have fewer than 20 church partners, some have more than 200. Together, the Christians in these churches model Christ’s love and answer God’s call to serve.

Together, we serve our communities In the Name of Christ

Lots of organizations give “stuff”. Very few organizations connect caring, well-trained Christians with individuals experiencing need. The role of Love INC is not to replace the Church but to help churches distribute their skills, gifts, resources, and love in a collaborative, cohesive way. Because when that happens, lives are changed and communities are transformed.

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