In the fall of 2019, Justin, a local pastor, started volunteering in one of Love INC of Cedar Valley’s transformational ministry programs. He did this as a way to grow the relationship between his congregation and Love INC beyond their food pantry, and connect directly with members of the community.

Within this program, Justin has seen many barriers torn down as diverse people interact with one another and build relationships, and it’s not only impacted the way he interacts with his community as an individual, but as a pastor, as well.

“Pastors and congregations want to help and serve those in need, but struggle with appropriate ways to genuinely help. Too often, our response has been immediate, need-focused rather than long-term, transformative, people-focused assistance. Yet here, I’ve gotten to know my community’s cares and concerns, their stories and struggles. I’ve gotten to know them. Love INC  not only transforms the lives of its participants, but that of the volunteers, as well”.

Simply meeting material needs is not enough. It’s collaborative, relational support that leads to transformed lives and communities. It’s being with one another, and bringing about reciprocal transformation.

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