Light Begets Light

Love INC of Newaygo County, MI

A couple of years ago, Love INC of Newaygo County was approached by a local employment agency with an opportunity to become a worksite host for disadvantaged kids. When Executive Director Michele Zimmerman’s team stepped out in faith, they quickly saw the blessing this opportunity was, both for Love INC and the kids involved.

“The kids provided some much-needed help and we were able to provide a safe, loving environment where they could learn and develop skills and experience the love of Jesus,” shared Michele. “It was great to watch them become part of our Love INC family. They all started out shy and uncertain, but quickly gained confidence and friendship with our team.”

Even when the pandemic suspended the program, eliminating the wages the kids had previously been receiving in exchange for their work, high school students Caleb and Isaac remained. They wanted to continue to give back to their community.

Caleb, who spends his time sorting donations, cleaning up furniture, riding along on donation pickups and drop-offs, etc., suggests that all youth, at some point, should volunteer at Love INC. “You learn how to work with people who have different backgrounds and experiences than yourself. No one judges you. Volunteering at Love INC has helped me to be more outgoing.”

“God continues to answer our prayers by bringing us volunteers from new and atypical places,” said Michele. “Caleb and Isaac have been a joy to have here at Love INC of Newaygo County. It’s so easy to focus on our need for more volunteers and what they can do for the ministry, but God is showing us through this opportunity just how much we can do for our volunteers. We can provide purpose, fellowship, encouragement, and love to those who volunteer. We pray that we will continue to shine Christ’s love to all who enter through our doors.”

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