Budging the Needle on Poverty

Michael reached out to Love INC National and started the process of bringing a Love INC to Tampa, Florida. As he began meeting with churches and social service agencies to share the mission of Love INC, Michael realized, “It was generally agreed that the missing component of addressing poverty was the churches and their resources.” Michael gained community-wide momentum.

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Moving Past Transaction

It is true, tragically so, that people can serve others in need and undergo no transformation. Likewise it is true, tragically so, that the persons being served can undergo no transformation either. The exchange of “services” is reduced to a transaction and the assistance rendered has been reduced to a commodity.

All such activity can be passed and quantified and look good while at the same time serving only to dehumanize all parties involved.

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Finding Solid Ground

In June of last year, Louisa and Jeremy were leaning toward divorce, relationally and financially burned out. They turned to IMPACT, the weekly transformational ministry program coordinated by Love INC of Littleton.

“At first,” shares Lousia, “We kind of did it because we figured what’s the worst that could happen? It was difficult in the beginning. We doubted it, but it’s one of those things that takes time before you see the fruit of the hard labor.”

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The Githogoro I Want

One of Love INC Kenya’s five affiliates serves the Githogoro slum and sees countless needs, many of which point back to the same root issue – poor sanitation. Without safe, affordable, and accessible drinking water, residents face a high risk of contracting communicable diseases such as typhoid and cholera.

Seeking a lasting solution to this problem, Love INC helped 12 agencies, 12 churches, and about 150 volunteers launch “The Githogoro I Want”.

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Filling Gaps Through Love INC

Dillon Area Love INC (Montana) serves a strong, proud ranching community that is experiencing high levels of underemployment among other struggles.

In December 2016, following a development process with Love INC National, seven local Christian churches, in partnership with Love INC, opened a Love INC Clearinghouse. Recently, hardships facing Dillon residents increased when three agencies closed. But God had a plan.

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Asking Tough Questions and Growing in Community

A small group of men and women carried the vision for what would, in 2003, become Love INC of Greater O’Brien County. They prayed and worked hard to set the table for churches in their community to participate in life transformation.

One of those vision carriers, Mark Brown, is now a volunteer Faith & Finances facilitator in the Greater O’Brien transformational ministry program as well as a Faith & Finances lead trainer for Love INC communities across the country. He is recognized for heart, passion, and ability.

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Partnering Up to Live Out Missions

When Gallatin County Love INC (Montana) initiated a partnership with Dry Creek Bible Church a couple of years ago, the leadership of the church saw quickly how the partnership would help them live out their mission statement, “Love God and love people.”

Dry Creek became a conduit of God’s love to hurting people by living out the commandment, “whoever loves God must also love his neighbor” (1 John 4.21). Their excitement toward another round of Faith & Finances has rapidly grown.

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Mobilization to Help Evacuees

When Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coastline in August of 2017, local residents were pushed inland for safety. Some of those evacuees found their way to Nacogdoches County, Texas where the local Love INC, agencies, businesses, and churches worked together to care for the needs of their new “residents”.

Love INC of Nacogdoches County served as the Clearinghouse for the community to link evacuees with appropriate agency resources including: temporary housing, food relief, clothing, and utilities.

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A New Community and New Hope

The love the Lewises experienced was from churches mobilized by Love INC of Newaygo County. When they reached out for help, they received immediate assistance with basic needs and started attending a budgeting class. The knowledge and support Larry and Willie received, combined with their diligence, paid off – literally! “It brought us to a whole new level of thinking about money,” Willie said with satisfaction, “We were struggling and after doing that money management class we had more money than we have ever had in our lives.”

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