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Welcome to our Love INC Brand Resources page. Here you’ll find everything you need to transition to our new logo and color palette. Plus, as time goes on, we’ll continue to add non-Canva-based resources here, so be sure to bookmark this page for future reference. In addition to the resources below, we encourage you to check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Love INC Brand Kit

Logos, Fonts, + Guidelines

Looking for the right file? Look no further. Below you’ll find access to all of our logos and fonts. Before using them, however, please be sure to review our detailed brand guide. This guide not only contains insights on our voice, look, and feel, but the road map for making sure we all present a consistent, high-quality brand experience, because just like people, brands need boundaries to thrive. Please also be sure to direct any volunteer designers to the review the Brand Guide before they begin, and we can all create great work together.

Design Assets + Templates

Being on-brand has never been easier. These Canva templates include everything for your digital marketing, including email headers, social icons, cover images, and post templates. Prefer to go analog? Letterhead, business cards, note cards, and postcard templates are in here, as well. Click the links below to learn how to get your free Canva Pro account set up, then download the Canva Brand Kit and Templates, add them to your account, and you’re ready to go.

Before we began designing resources, we explored a variety of programs, because a resource is only useful if it’s in an accessible program. In the end, it was determined that Canva would be the best program for the job. (Plus, Canva Pro is available for free for all 501(c)(3) nonprofits!)

Canva for Nonprofits has everything you need to create beautiful, on brand marketing communications with ease. You can use the pre-made Love INC templates for plug-and-play ease, or grab a general Canva template and use the Love INC Brand Kit to align it to our branding. The Canva Pro for Nonprofits program features:

  •       420,000+ templates
  •       75 million+ images
  •       3.5+ million graphic elements
  •       3000+ fonts
  •       The ability to turn one graphic into many with Magic Resize
  •       Unlimited folders and 100GB storage for all your designs

Learn More + Register Now >

While we hope to do all of our design in Canva, there are some things such as forms and letters, that really need to be done in Microsoft Word or another word processing software. Here are a few Microsoft Templates to get you started, and as more are created, we’ll post them here, as well. Be sure you have our fonts installed on your computer before using any of these templates, however, or your computer will substitute a different font that will not be formatted to the design.

Download MSWord Digital Letterhead >
Download MSWord Form Template >
Download PowerPoint Template >

For your convenience, we’ve gathered all of our single image graphics in one place for you to peruse and grab for use in your presentations, volunteer packets, CMC meeting, and more. Click here to access these assets on the Resource Library.

Add our logos, fonts, color palette, and graphic assets to your Canva Brand Kit. Simply download the logos, fonts, and brand guide files above, in addition to two (Icons1) and (Icons2) folders. Then follow the instructions in this video to install them in your CanvaPro account.

While the vast majority of our designed materials will now be developed in Canva, there will be the occasional item that has been set up in the Adobe system to print through an online printer. You can find those ready-to-print files here.

Love INC Folders
Download PDFs—Set up for Gotprint – OutsideInside
Size, Paper Details (9×12 standard, printing on both sides, glossy finish) 

Table Tent Cards     
Download PDF—Set up for Gotprint

Size, Paper Details

Download PDF—Set up for Gotprint

Size, Paper Details

Looking for promotional items? While we currently do not have a store set up for purchasing through National, you can find all the details for the items within our launch gift boxes here:

Like the keychains we gave out at Converge? These 1.5 inch keychains were created through Reference the order number #67794 for easy reordering. If they have any questions, the details and the logo are linked here:
Order Specifics
Logo Needed

Click here for item info. This is the proof of the final product if needed
Contact: and mention Love INC and he’ll get it all set for you as if it were a simple reorder.

For a short run of 30, I actually just found pullovers on an awesome sale and had a local sports store embroider our logo on them. (It was much cheaper this way and allowed us some flexibility to get a couple different shirt styles). I’d recommend this route unless you’re doing very large quantities. Costco often has really good sales on items like this.

Retractable Banners
Want to make changes? Here are the editable files:
Editable Canva File (for producing through Canva)
Editable Adobe Indesign File

Or grab ready to print PDFs for producing Through
Retractable Banner—33.5inx78.7in_Circles_ReadytoPrintPDF
Retractable Banner—32.9inx82.5in_Circles_ReadytoPrintPDF
Retractable Banner—32.9inx82.5in_Photo_ReadytoPrintPDF

Table Runner
Looking for an elegant but versatile way to draw attention to yourself at an event or Love INC Sunday? Here’s a simple table runner that can be layered over any size table cover so you’re covered for a variety of venues. (If your venue does not provide a full blank table cover that’s sized to their tables, you’ll want to also be prepared with a blank white table cover to go under it.)
Print-Ready File – Set up for 36″ Table Runner at

These are expensive but could be a great impactful gift for special anniversaries, retirements, etc.
Email Roberto Polanco <> and reference order #SA4374892. Request to do a “reorder” which may save you the logo upload fees. If that’s not possible or you’d like something similar but not exact, here is the link to the item. We did them as laser cut in the Navy Blue color.

Window Clings
Item details: Static Rectangle – 4x8in – Clear background
Contact: Liz Spanbauer at
To order these, simply Reference previous order # 22203797 and they’ll be able to process them as a reorder.
Additional Files:
Primary Logo File–Ready to Print
Editable Canva File

Candy Bag Topper
Print Ready PDF
Blue Hershey Kisses


If a picture says a 1000-words, a video says a million. Use these animated videos below to cast the vision for Love INC at your partner churches, in your volunteer orientations, on social media, and more.

Website Templates

Your website is your first impression. It’s the hub where your neighbors, partners, and future volunteers will go to get a picture of who you are and what opportunities are available before they reach out. So let’s make sure that this first impression is a great one. The three options below were created to meet a variety of needs, from full-service development with ongoing management/support, to two easy-to-use templates you build, host, and manage yourself, and finally, a simple, unifying code header for affiliates who aren’t ready to undertake a website change at this time. Click each box to learn more and figure out which option is best for you.

sample website #1

Don’t have your own web developer? This white glove offering will connect you with our Web Design team, who will customize and build your website, based on our template. Plus, following your website’s development, they will be available for web content updates and maintenance support (hosting, plugin updates, security management, etc.) for a monthly fee that’s markedly cheaper than hiring your own web support, and less time-consuming than managing one-time volunteers.

Cost: $199 set up fee, then $99/month for content management and maintenance*

Contact Tyler at Well Design at or call 616-828-6278 to learn more and get started.

*The monthly maintenance fee is non-contract and can be cancelled at any time, if you should determine that it is not needed.

Our free, branded templates contain a variety of pre-developed content and images so you’ll be ready to bring your new website online in no time. Check out the two sample websites above to see the developed example of Template A (which features more complex design) and Template B (a more stream-lined simple design).

Please note that you will need to have the skills and resources to install and host these websites by yourself or with the web professional of your choice, as this free option is unsupported.

Cost: Free (Love INC National has covered the cost of creating these templates)

View Instructions + Links to Download the Web Templates Here >

Already reviewed the instructions? All of the downloads are available here >

Additional Options:
A maintenance plan is available if you should desire that, contact Tyler, at Well Design at or call 616-828-6278 to learn more and get started.

Love your current website, or not ready to make a change? This simple top banner will bring your current website into alignment with the movement and fulfill your commitment in the Affiliate Agreement.

View Style Guide >

Get Code >

Want a deeper dive into the thought behind our logo?

Here are a variety of resources to help you better understand the thought and process behind our logo and our 2022 rebranding.

Let's Get Started

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Below you’ll find a variety of training and support webinars to walk you through the brand guide, resources, and more.

Our first Support Series webinar walks through our new Identity Standards Manual to give you an idea of the elements of our new brand system, and answers a variety of affiliate questions related to these new resources.
Our second 30-minute webinar will walk you through all of our Resource Center assets to ensure you understand how to use them (for example, downloading and installing our new fonts, etc.)
Our 3rd Brand Support webinar walks through how to get your Canva account set up with our new Brand Kit and Canva Resources. Then we took a look at the provided templates, and explored some Canva design tips. For additional details, be sure to also check out this support document which details out setting up your brand kit, and now includes a new section with a number of micro-trainings on my top 10 Canva tips.
In this final webinar in our Brand Resources Support series, Tyler Doornbos from Well Design walks you through our new web template options.

Have Questions? Don’t Hesitate To Contact Us

We’re here to help. So if you have questions or simply want some advice, be sure to reach out to your Developing Affiliate Specialist.