Help Churches Help People in Need

Learn How You Can Start A Love INC in Your Community

The Church has a unique biblical calling… to be the hands and feet of Christ to those in spiritual, physical, emotional, relational, and material need. It is Love INC’s mission to help the Church live out this life and community transforming calling. Is God asking you to help churches help people through the ministry of Love INC? We hope our information kit will help you answer this very question.


We haven’t met (yet) but our Developing New Affiliate team has been praying for you. Our team finds encouragement in and is privileged by the opportunity to partner with local leaders, like yourself, as you consider joining the Love INC mission to help local congregations cooperate together in serving their communities In the Name of Christ. We take seriously Jesus’ high priestly prayer that the greatest witness to the Gospel of Christ and His Kingdom is believers unified in loving service. As a result, we exist to help congregations practice the servant leadership of Jesus as they help those who are struggling with material, physical, or spiritual poverty. The Developing Affiliate team is glad you’re considering starting a Love In the Name of Christ affiliate to help the congregations in your local community. We look forward to getting to know you and your community better.

Grace and Peace,

Dan Walker
Developing New Affiliates Interim Director

Get to Know the Team

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Daniel Walker

Joey Spiegel

Joey Spiegel

Developing New Affiliates & Board Resource Specialist

Our Development Process

Love INC National has 45+ years of experience starting affiliates. Our development process offers step-by-step guidance that will encourage you spiritually and lead you through the inherent difficulties associated with establishing a legal entity, building community awareness, fundraising, and training your teams. Each step is described below, including one you can take today!

Schedule a Call with a Development Specialist and Request Your Territory

Now that you’ve taken the first step of expressing interest, the next step is to schedule an introductory call. Following this call, our team will send you a link to fill out a Territory Request Form. But don’t worry, a Territory Request is exploratory in nature and not a commitment to developing a Love INC affiliate. It simply gives us an idea of what territory your potential Love INC would cover in case other interest in that area should arise, and gets the ball rolling.

Ready to Get Started?

Become part of our national movement by joining over 110 affiliates across the United States and more than 30 communities in development.

If you’d like to continue exploring whether Love INC might be a good fit for your context, we invite you to schedule a call with a development specialist.

After you’ve had an introductory call with a development specialist from Love INC National, you’ll have the opportunity to fill out the Territory Request From. The request for territory is exploratory in nature and not a commitment to developing a Love INC affiliate. It simply helps to get the ball rolling and ensures that there are no current Love INCs in your area.