Our vision is to see Christian churches in every community in this country and around the world united in the purpose of ministering the love of Christ to anyone in need in their area through the partnering strategy and model we call Love In the Name of Christ.

Read How Love INC Started in Kenya

by Pastor Ngari Kariithi (Senior Paster of Karura Community Chapel, Nairobi, Kenya, and chair of the Love INC Kenya National Advisory Board)

The formation of Love INC Kenya began in 2008 with a small group of pastors from Nairobi who felt that their churches were not fulfilling the mandate to “serve the poor among us”. According to 2009 data from the World Bank, 47% of Kenyans still live below the national poverty line. However, despite overwhelming needs in the community, there has been a lack of coordination among churches to address the needs of the most vulnerable.

In response to this gap, World Relief Kenya pulled together a team of pastors from Nairobi churches for a vision trip in 2010 to the US. This team observed the US-based Love In the Name of Christ model in action.

Through Love INC, churches and individual Christians work together, across denominational lines, to provide coordinated help to people in need. The Body of Christ can be mobilized to draw on its untapped resources and creatively find ways to address the needs of the poor. Even if resources are limited, every community has knowledge, experience and talents to serve the poor.

Adapting Love INC to Kenya

Love INC is a universal model that can be translated across cultures and nations. In October 2010, a team from Love INC in the US came to Kenya to cast a vision for Love INC to a group of about 40 pastors from the Nairobi area.  In early 2011, the decision was made adapt the Love INC model to Kenya. We wanted to see “love” happening!

Using the major roads in Nairobi as a guide, we identified five zones which run along five major road arteries in Nairobi: Thika Road, Karura, Ngong Road, Karengata, and Mombasa Road.

The Love INC Structure

The Love INC Kenya model empowers the local churches to self-select leaders within the community.

A nominating committee selects members for the Zonal Implementation Board (ZIB) (what the US calls an affiliate development board). The ZIB is responsible for organizing and implementing a Clearinghouse that processes and addresses requests for assistance.

Each zone has a Pastoral Oversight Board comprised of a team of pastors within each zone; this board educates and mobilizes church congregations on Love INC processes, and acts as “door openers” into the community.

The Zonal Implementation Boards are regulated by the National Board; this board is responsible for governing and outlining Love INC’s larger vision for Kenya, and for identifying new Love INC zones.

While Clearinghouses are being put in place, World Relief Kenya, with training and guidance from Love INC in the US, continues to serve as the overarching secretariat, conducting baseline surveys, coordinating committee meetings, and overseeing Love INC Kenya’s progress.

Read a recent newsletter from an newly opened Love INC affiliate in Nairobi, Kenya, where local churches are working together to reach out to their neighbors in need.  Here’s a Thika Road Zone newsletter: Newsletter Fall 2015


Love INC is growing in Nairobi, Kenya