A far more comprehensive version of Transformation Ministry, this mode provides training and support disciplines for clients in chronic need over an extended period of time (one year or more) in order to help clients fully understand and overcome problems and attain self-sufficiency.

Serious commitment on the part of clients is required, as well as strong training and long-term commitment on the part of mentors (church members) who walk alongside the client in an accountability relationship for the duration.

Both Transformational Ministry and Comprehensive Transformational Ministry are highly relational in focus. Whereas Transformational Ministry may offer “stand alone” courses, Comprehensive Transformational Ministry is more like entering a university or committing to live in a new “community.”

Comprehensive Transformational Ministry provides people in need with skills training, mentoring, goal-setting, and spiritual and emotional support, along with the full array of church and community resources available through the Love INC Clearinghouse and Gap Ministries.

An affiliate must have a mature and strong Clearinghouse and Gap Ministry in operation to begin Transformational Ministry or the Comprehensive Transformational Ministry.