Transformation rarely happens alone. It takes the body of Christ. In a healing community, we can see the image of God in others and within ourself. Kate, a client of Love INC of Newburg, Oregon, has been taking the Relational Ministry class, Life’s Healing Choices. Hearing the stories of of her classmates and teachers had a great impact on her, and through this class, she has relearned the importance of needing others and allowing them into her life.

“I have really enjoyed coming to class and meeting with others. I have been on a path of healing and growing from a broken marriage. Hearing others share their stories has given me the courage to share mine without shame. This class has been so encouraging and full of reminders for me of God’s truths and love. I am so glad for everything that I have learned and for all the great scriptures. One thing that stood out to me is that—I must face the world again!”