A Love Story from Love INC of Lancaster County in PA

A simple need for a ride to a medical appointment connected Mike with our partner churches. He first reached out in 2014, but over the next few years, Mike was taken to his appointments by many people. He eventually developed a close relationship with Fred in particular. Mike and Fred talked about faith and divine purpose, and Mike soon began attending Fred’s church.

When Mike moved In 2016, he stayed in touch with Fred, but also established a new relationship with Luke, a volunteer from another one of our partner churches.

In 2019, Mike called our office. He didn’t have a need. He wanted to tell us how his life has changed. “I feel so blessed by you guys,” he said, “And I feel like I must’ve gotten the best two volunteers. I recently got baptized with Laurel Hill Mennonite this summer, down at Black Rock Retreat. Fred and Luke were both there. I feel so good now that I’m going to church more.”

Sometimes Mike still gets down and depressed by his situation and health, but now he’s taking initiative and being encouraged by Fred and Luke along the way. For six years, Mike has been building his spiritual muscles and learning to trust God. For six years, his life has been transforming In the Name of Christ with the help of our partner churches.