A Love Story from Love INC of Lancaster County, PA

My family and I had been evicted from our home, and we had nowhere else to go. We needed a place between both of my jobs and on the bus route, too, and so we ended up at a motel. We moved into a room with two beds for us and our three kids, who were 3, 8, and 12. We had only planned on being there for a few months until Bill* got his blood pressure under control. But, as you know, life doesn’t always go as planned.

We ended up staying at the motel for almost a year, enduring roaches, bedbugs, one microwave, and a small refrigerator. We ate fast food or frozen dinners. There was no room to breathe. Later in the summer Bill, at the age of 32, had a heart attack and was in the hospital for a week. We learned about the Homes of Hope program through the home school visitor with the school district, and applied for the program. When Bill got back from the hospital we realized we needed to get out of the motel. We really needed a break, and we told each other that once we got into Homes of Hope, we would take every opportunity we could from them.

Once we moved in, we started the envelope system for budgeting, and enjoyed the company of our coaches and mentors. We were able to save money and learn about our credit and what we needed to do in order to fix it. Our goal: to buy our own house. To be honest, if it wasn’t for Homes of Hope, I don’t think we would have made it in that motel another month. We are grateful for the opportunity we had with them and what we have learned. This program gave us a few months to breathe and regain focus on what we want in life for our children and ourselves. All we can do now is to thank them for their support and positivity, and keep going with our budgeting. This opportunity was life changing!

When this family was referred to Love INC of Lancaster County in Pennsylvania, Bill had some medical issues that kept him from getting a job. Rose* was working two jobs but couldn’t pay all the bills. They were at the end of their rope. It was then that local churches, through Homes of Hope, were mobilized to show the love and support that the family needed.