In June of last year, Louisa and Jeremy were leaning toward divorce, relationally and financially burned out. They turned to IMPACT, the weekly transformational ministry program coordinated by Love INC of Littleton.

“At first,” shares Lousia, “We kind of did it because we figured what’s the worst that could happen? It was difficult in the beginning. We doubted it, but it’s one of those things that takes time before you see the fruit of the hard labor.”

With financial council and renewed confidence, it wasn’t long until Jeremy and Louisa found themselves on the same page again. Louisa shares, “The IMPACT program gave us a solid ground, a base to start again, and to do it better this time, with fewer ups and downs.”

Today, their family of four is debt-free and taking their first family vacation in eight years. In June of this year, Louisa and Jeremy will renew their wedding vows. In the course of just one year, their lives were truly transformed.