Love INC looks a bit different in Nairobi, Kenya. Yet, our Kenyan clients, like those in the United States, are not exempt from the old African proverb, “It takes a village.” Most often, the needs met by our seven Love INCs on the ground in Kenya include food, school tuition, post-trauma counseling, and helping people start small businesses in order to make a sustainable wage. Sometimes, they look like this:

When sisters, Mary and Esther, reached out to their local Love INC in Nairobi, Kenya, they and their combined 12 children lived in a one-room apartment. It was so cramped that the 14 family members had to sleep in shifts. When one of the children needed help with high school tuition, however, they shared the backstory of their extended family with their Love INC’s Clearinghouse, and their “village” began to grow. Church volunteers were deployed to visit and assess how they could help. Teaming up together, the partner churches not only assisted the family with school fees, but were able to provide a two-bedroom home that more adequately housed the family.

Love INC Kenya celebrated seven years of God’s faithfulness—seven years of churches working together—at their National Gathering in 2019. In 2020, they hope to open additional affiliates, expand their reach in the country, and build their village of partner churches who will raise and care for community. members like Mary and Esther.