A Love Story from Love INC of Angelina County in Texas

A disabled, single mom, Kay and her family were made homeless by Hurricane Harvey in 2017. During the chaos of the storm, she had evacuated her family to Lufkin for a short time before moving back to Houston. However, upon their return to Houston, they could not move back into their residence so she and her children lived in a shelter while most of their belongings were kept in storage with the help of a local church.

Kay liked Lufkin so much she wanted to make it her family’s permanent home. With the help of local agencies, she secured a rental house but did not have anybody to help her move. On moving day, another local church helped her load the moving truck and within one day of her call to us we were able to mobilize a handful of caring volunteers from one of our local churches to help her unload the moving truck once she arrived.

Within three hours of Kay’s arrival in Lufkin, the truck was unloaded and everything was in her house. In the process, she discovered through conversation with the pastor, the church who helped her was the same denomination she was connected to in Houston. Now Kay has a contact with a caring church that is following up with her as she begins a new chapter in her life.

This is a great example of the Body of Christ working in different cities to help a family in their time of need make a significant move.